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Salamander Hobbit SE

Hobbit SE stove (DEFRA Approved) is suitable if you live in A SMOKE CONTROLLED AREA of Kent

The Hobbit stove is ideal for a wide range of applications and designed to fit the small spaces and fireplaces where other burners just will not fit. Salamander aim was to design and build a quality small stove. The hobbit comes with all of the essential features and attributes of top-rated efficient large stoves.

The Standard colour for the stove and door is Black; other colours are available.

£564 inc vat

Heat output 4kW
Efficiency 74.7%
Top or rear flue exit
Flue outlet 100mm (4″)
Distance from rear of stove to centre of top exit flue 115mm
Distance from floor to centre of rear flue exit 373mm
Height 460mm
Width 302mm
Depth 272mm
Max log size (Will take a larger log but this is the optimum size for stacking) 200mm (8″)
Window Dimensions 180mm x 155mm
Distance to combustible materials
Side 400mm
Rear 450mm

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